What to Expect From Bali Hotels

Holidaymakers toying with the idea of getting away from it all in Bali are likely to picture warm tropical breezes, incredible ruins and picture-perfect waters. Few stop to think about the types of accommodations that might be available in this dream destination. If they do, thoughts of primitive thatched huts with few modern amenities might come to mind courtesy of Hollywood movies. Today’s Bali hotels, however, offer many surprises for those with a penchant for luxury.

Thanks to the popularity of this Indonesian archipelago, holidaymakers can expect the best of both worlds when they visit Bali. The island is home to pristine views, spectacular beaches, breathtaking sculptures and mist-covered mountains that look like they could only exist in a fairytale dream. It, however, is also home to more than its fair share of highly modern and thoroughly luxurious accommodations. In fact, Bali offers not only an array of hotels, but also a number of private villas, apartments and residences available for rental.

So, what can visitors really expect from Bali hotels? Here are a few of the features that ensure the accommodations will be as memorable as the island itself:

* A wide price range – Holidaymakers can find Bali hotels to fit just about any budget imaginable. Even on the low end of the price scale, however, visitors will find the modern conveniences they crave.

* Lush landscaping – Many hotels in Bali were created with aesthetics in mind for certain. The landscaping surrounding these hotels is designed to help them blend into the beautiful surroundings so they do not detract from them. Some destinations even boast their own highly manicured gardens to give guests a quite place to sit, relax and take in the splendour that is Bali.

* On-site restaurants – Although each hotel offers its own fare, holidaymakers can expect some great culinary treats whilst they are in Bali. The on-site fare here ranges from to-order menu setting options in private villas to larger hotels that provide cuisine not only from Indonesia, but also Europe, the Americas and Asia.

* Swimming pools – Whilst it’s almost criminal to go to Bali without visiting a beach, some holidaymakers still relish the idea of taking a dip in a freshwater pool. Many hotels in Bali see that this is possible by offering guests in ground, oversized pools.

* Access to the outside world – The point of visiting Bali is to get away from it all, but sometimes visitors cannot quite pull this off. For those who cannot, many hotels do provide Internet access, full television service and other connectors to all points beyond Bali.

* The spa treatment – Many hotels throughout Bali also offer full spas so holidaymakers can pamper themselves whilst they are away from home. Some even provide a babysitting service so parents can relax without worrying about their little ones.

Bali might be a pristine tropical destination, but it does not skimp on luxury. When holidaymakers choose this destination, they can rest assured the selection of places to say will cover every convenience they require and perhaps even more.

A Quick Round Up of Bali Internet-Enabled Hotels

At the cheapest end we have the Puri Dewa Bharata Hotel, which has is in the middle of Bali, making it a popular choice for all types of travellers. Facilities include telephone, air conditioning, television, balcony/terrace, minibar, baby crib upon request, broadband internet. Additionally there are safe box, mail service, morning call, city transfers, travel counter, currency exchange, airport pick-up and drop-off, cocktail lounge. After a day of work or exploring, massage, outdoor pool, spa are some of the ways to unwind.

Moving upscale we have Downtown Villas at Jalan Pura Dalem 9D. With 9 architecturally stunning, state of the art villas, this stands in Bali’s trendiest district, is a mere 20 minute drive from Bali International Airport. Located in the shopping and dining area of trendy Seminyak, this five-star villa is also just a 10-minute walk from famous Kuta Beach. Taking Balinese traditional art along with modern decor and chic furnishings, each villa has its own tropical gardens as well as a 20m swimming pool.

At the top end we have the Karma Jimbaran Hotel. Set in the center of Jimbaran, Bali. Karma Jimbaran’s 38 luxury villas dot the gentle hillside that leads down to the blue waters of Jimbaran Bay. Sitting like a jewel in the heart of each villa’s tropical gardens is a private pool. The scent of frangipani trees lingers on the sea breeze, and the villas are private sanctuaries that create an environment that is hard to leave. The spacious indoor living area combines with an open plan, fully-equipped kitchen.

Other hotels with internet access that might be considered are the Viceroy Bali Hotel, and the Como Shambhala Estate at Begawan Giri Hotel. Bali has a huge selection of quality hotels and is the perfect destination for relaxation whilst keeping in touch with email, internet and friends.

Kuta Hotels Deliver Choice

Just saying that a vacation will take place in Bali’s Kuta sounds princely. Unfortunately, not everyone can possibly afford royal accommodations during a tour of this southern Bali beach destination. The good news is that Kuta hotels truly deliver choice for people with differing budgets. There is no reason to think that this destination is off limits just because trip funds are tight.

Kuta hotels are designed to fit just about anyone’s personal needs for space and financial considerations. No matter how large and expensive or cozy and quaint an accommodation in Bali happens to be, holidaymakers who choose to stay in Kuta will have the opportunity to see some amazing sights.

Kuta is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Bali. It is famed for its legendary beach, which is a major attraction for swimmers, sunbathers and surfers alike. It is also home to such destinations as Waterbom, a 3.8-hectares water park; Banjar Hot Springs; the historic Uluwatuu temple and much more. It is these
things and more that draw thousands to this distinct destination on the Indian Ocean each year.

So, what can holidaymakers expect from Kuta hotels?

Whilst each hotel differs in style, appearance and pricing, this region of Bali does offer options that run the gamut. It is possible to find these types of Bali accommodations in Kuta:

* Budget hotels – Vacationers shouldn’t let the word “budget” scare them. Standard, affordable hotels in Bali tend to be very well appointed and offer a lot of amenities for the money. Kuta hotels that are easy on the wallet, for example, still are likely to offer in-house restaurants, lushly landscaped pools and other luxury services.

* Upscale hotels and spas – Holidaymakers who wish to spend a little more will find a lot of options in Kuta. This region is home to a number of spa hotels that provide guests with plenty of pampering. Some even offer babysitting services and other amenities like on-site tennis courts, beauty salons and more. For vacationers who need more space, many Kuta hotels in the mid- to high-end price range also offer well-appointed suites.

When it’s time to choose from the many Kuta hotels, holidaymakers will find that most, regardless of price, offer these benefits:

* Location – Many of Kuta’s hotels are situated to give holidaymakers easy access to major attractions. Some, for example, are found right on Kuta beach so sunset walks will be no problem at all. Others are found close to the city’s major shopping districts, Waterbom park and other tourist destinations.

* Service – The Balinese are very big believers in providing excellent service. To this end, most Kuta hotels offer such extra perks as cable television, Internet access, laundry services, in-room refrigerators, on-site currency exchange and more.

Taking a holiday to Kuta might sound like an adventure fit for royalty, but it doesn’t have to cost a king’s ransom. When Kuta hotels are closely explored, holidaymakers are likely to discover there are accommodations in Bali that fit their personal budgeting needs to the letter.

How to Book a Bali Resort With Ease

Waking to backdrop of mist-covered mountains that overlook turquoise waters is a dream that can come true in Bali. This island paradise is the place where the surreal is real and relaxation is the order of every day. Getting here, however demands care in the planning. Fortunately, there are ways to make booking a Bali resort and lining up activities a pleasure.

Perhaps the most stress-free and effective way to facilitate travel in this luxury destination is to turn to the Internet for Bali holiday packages. When a reputable company assists in the planning and booking, it will become immediately possible to schedule a romantic Bali holiday complete with all the trimmings or a family vacation on a lush Bali beach.

Before turning to the Internet blindly in search of hotels in Bali, there are things to consider to help ensure an outcome that will result in a vacation of a lifetime. They include:

* The specialty of the travel service – Bali is a unique destination that is not intimately known to all travel Web site operators. To ensure that access to the best Bali hotels, attractions and activities is included in the planning, it is wise to consider the specialty of the service under consideration. The best companies are highly experienced in Bali travel and will specifically say so.

* The customer service provided – It doesn’t matter if the planning stay will involve a say at the Hard Rock Hotel Bali or a more intimate Bali villa, chances are questions about little details will arise. A good service will make sure its clients have access to topnotch customer service to address queries and concerns. Customer service should extend beyond the site to include actual people with real telephone numbers and physical addresses. E-mail enquiries will, of course, be offered, as well.

* The destinations offered – While Kuta Bali might be one of the best-known destinations in this tropical paradise, it is not the only one worth considering for a holiday. Solid services that truly know Bali understand that adventure awaits throughout the island. With this in mind, they offer accommodations in a variety of towns, including Nusa Dua, Ubud, Seminyak and beyond.

* The activities provided – Making every second of a Bali beach holiday special does demand careful planning. This goes beyond hotel selection to include activities and destinations of interests. A good travel service will assist on this front by offering its clients the ability to book tickets for attractions and tours, as well.

* The budget conscious – Spending time in the paradise that is Bali does not have to cost a small fortune. A travel service that truly knows this destination will be fully aware of that fact. With this in mind, the best will make certain its clients have options to fit just about any budget. From family friendly Bali hotels to more expensive Bali private villas and everything in between, they will offer it all.

Planning out a stay in a Bali resort does not have to be difficult. When a reputable online travel service that specialises in this destination helps, no stone will be left unturned in advance of arrival,

Planning Your Bali Holiday

When planning your next holiday, the sheer amount of different factors involved can overwhelm most people. You have to think about tickets, places, accommodation, sights, money and much more, leading to a great deal of confusion on your part. The best thing to do here is to break things down and create a flowing plan which will allow you to decide upon all facets of your holiday without the headache.

Based on the title of this article, i think it’s safe of me to conclude that you have chosen to visit Bali for your next holiday. The first thing you need to consider here is what time of year you want to visit. As with most popular tourist destinations and sights, they can get a bit busier during the school holidays, so maybe choosing to go outside of these dates could be beneficial. Different towns in Bali also offer you varying experiences and opportunities.

Larger towns such as Seminyak and Kuta present a sprawling night life and ample shopping opportunities, plus Kuta is renowned for its great surfing conditions. The inland town of Ubud is considered to be the arts and craft centre of Bali, and offers a rich baptism in traditional Balinese culture. If you’re looking to get more involved in the rural side of Balinese culture, then a small town such as Canggu is perfect for you.

When choosing accommodation it seems easy to just head towards a hotel. Well, one of the fantastic things about Bali is that sprawled across the country are numerous Luxury Bali Villas. Offering a richer and more traditional Balinese experience, villas represent a very real and noticeable trend away from hotels in recent years. More secluded than hotels, Bali villas offer five star comfort while providing spacious living conditions. Whether travelling with a group of friends, your partner or your family, Luxury Bali Villas offer the utmost experience of Balinese culture that you could attain in such an area.

Beyond these simple decisions involves the implementation of your plan, however it is always good to have a rough idea of what you want out of your Bali holiday. No matter what aspects you choose to reap form your holiday, you are guaranteed to have a great time in the cultural wonderland of Bali.